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I love the Christmas Tree Defender. With 8 cats it was a constant battle each years. When the cats realized they couldn't get inside the tree to play, they completely ignored the tree. No more tree crashes in the middle of the night or swiping up broken Christmas ornaments. A must have for any pet owner. :)
Jessica Persinger, Neosho, Missouri

I just wanted you to know that I am a big fan of the Christmas tree defender. I used to have such a problem during the holiday season keeping my cat Sydney away from the tree. But last year my worries ended when I assembled and installed the Christmas tree defender. Gone were my fears of fallen and broken ornaments, or more importantly, an injured Sydney. Both Syd and the tree made it through the entire season safe and intact. This year I bought one for my nephew and his cat, Bytes. Thanks for a wonderful product that really lives up to its name.
Audrey Craig, Lincoln, Rhode Island

After 18 years with the same even tempered and calm cats, we adopted two adorable kittens! Their first Christmas rolled around and we put up our artificial tree...within days we began to see Bella about a foot from the top of the tree peering out among the lights and ornaments! She thoroughly enjoyed the Holidays...we did not! Sometime after the tree came down and before we put it up again the following year we saw an ad for your Christmas Tree Defender. I thought it was worth a try and I ordered one! Who knew??? It worked perfectly...the cats were annoyed, but we humans were thrilled. I can't thank you enough for your amazing product.
Carol Hathaway, North Andover, MA

I have 3 cats- one who was a new cat to my house last year and another new in this year. Last winter I was not sure how well the new cat would be around my tree- so I got The Christmas Tree Defender. I did not have any cats climbing in my tree!! This year we will see how it works against my newest cat!! The nice thing about this device is that you customize it to fit your tree!!! If you have cats that climb- get this device!!!!
Julie Stellmacher, Jefferson, WI

We have a very curious cat that gets into EVERYTHING! I've been dreading decorating for Christmas because I don't want to hear everyone yelling at the cat all the time to get out of the tree, not to mention we have fragile, precious ornaments that I want to protect. I did TONS of research on how to keep the cat away from the tree. I bought Orange Essential Oil and a diffuser (cats supposedly detest citrus smells). That just made him curious about the diffuser. We bought cat deterrent from Petco and it was worthless. I found the Christmas Tree Defender and after watching the video, it made sense to me. It is super easy to install, hides well within the branches and I have watched our cat try 5 times to get in the tree to no avail. Genius! You should take this product to Shark Tank! Thank you for saving our holiday tradition!
Marilyn Windahl, Strongsville, OH

This product is AMAZING. Within moments of putting it on our tree, our ever-curious, unstoppable, and very stubborn cat had given up trying to climb! He hilariously explored the area under the tree and let out a few frustrated meows, and that was it. Thank you!
The Meyers Family, Crystal Lake, IL

I found this product online and thought about my sister.. She loves her cats but had stopped putting up a tree because of her rampaging cats. Christmas was not complete without a Christmas tree. I gave Sue this gift and she can't thank me enough for it. No more broken ornaments, fallen trees or even injuries to her cats. The tree can be harmful to cats. Sucb an amazing product!
John Ford, New York.